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Who we are

We design and implement intelligent solutions in the area of ​​Industry 4.0. We create integrated systems combining our competences in the field of software, automation and machine construction. We support companies in achieving operational excellence. Our team consists of experienced engineers, programmers, IT specialists and automation engineers. Together with the customer, we are looking for solutions that will lead to the future.

Why it pays off to work with us

1. We know what we do

  • We have appropriate educational background (higher in a given field) as well as necessary authorizations and certificates.
  • We are passionate about what we do and we never stop developing our knowledge.
  • Our competencies are confirmed by many years of experience.

2. We understand our customer’s needs…

  • Each time, while commencing a project, we conduct a thorough analysis through which we are able to get to know our customer with their needs and expectations.
  • We use tested methodologies of collecting the requirements and confirming work congruence (forms, notes, acceptance processes)
  • While providing systematic actions, we do not lose openness to adjusting the expectations of our customer to changing conditions
  • Thanks to the experience we have and familiarity with issues from the industial field, we are a competent partner in communication with our customer

3. …and we exceed them

  • we keep u-to-date with technical knowledge and we know the trends and the newest technologies
  • while designing a given solution, not only do we look at the current customer’s needs but also we discuss together how they will be shaped in the future
  • the solutions we provide guarantee freedom in further development

4. It simply pays off

  • Thanks to the solutions provided by us, our customers receive measurable financial gains.
  • The customer, through modernizing their products and processes, receives also prestige and competitive advantage
  • With our help, the customer realizes their own business development plans.

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