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Consulting Services


Analyses and audits

We provide requirements analyses and audits of the solution possessed by the customer. The goal of these activities is, on the one hand, a precise investigation of the process and estimation of the expectations regarding the researched area, and on the other, a verification of appropriateness (end efficiency) of functioning current solutions. As a result, a specification is created which consists of precise indications (a road map) for further improvement activities.

Concept and Idea Creation

We support our customers in the concept and idea process; most often connected with innowations regarding products or processes in their organizations.
The gathered ideas (e.g. from brainstorming) we systemize and choose the best ones, presenting the possible ways of their implementation. In the entire process, it is key not to forget about the “hard” calculations, resulting from i.e. physics on the one hand, and try to go beyond the typical schemata of conduct. We are able to trigger creativity of our customers. Thanks to the cooperation between our customer and our experts, we achieve the most interesting results.


We support our customers by sharing our knowledge within our competencies. Thanks to that, our customers may in a simple way use our expert knowledge confirmed by our experience and knowledge in the newest and the most interesting solutions emerging on the market.

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