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We are a company which produces and develops advanced informational tools and solutions supporting management in many areas of an organisation.

We specialise in integrated ERP systems supporting management. We offer ready solutions, matching the company’s needs, or dedicated, complex programmes created for individual clients. Our products are used for process optimisation in a company, better business control and increased mobility, what allows it to maximise the usage of the company’s potential and enable the company to achieve “operational perfection.” We provide our customers with a professional support: we advise, design, and offer tailor-made equipment solutions.

The Exso team consists of engineers, programmers, IT specialists, and automation specialists who have many years of experience in designing, execution, and implementation of various, often nonstandard, informational projects. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we are able to fulfil even the most complicated and innovative tasks.

We are sure that the implementation of modern technologies in a measurable way influences the quality of how a company functions, optimising many processes and creating by that new business reality.


Solutions based on modern work standards


Advanced information and computing tools


We constantly increase our qualifications, follow and implement new trends

Satisfied Customer

We focus on the highest level of customer service and customer satisfaction

Programmes on demand

We design, create and develop advanced informational solutions prepared on emand and fit to the company’s unique requirements In our solutions, we use Exso CORE System, developed by ourselves, thanks to which we are able, in a short period of time, to design and create modules and applications for our Client. The companies, which use our dedicated programmes, receive a combination of modern technology and best fit.

Functionality of Exso CORE

  • Multilingualism
  • User management
  • Functionality and ACL data authorisation
  • Print-outs and reports
  • Calendar with automated task execution
  • File resources accessible in the application

Advantages of Exso CORE:

  • Fast preparation of new modules
  • Creating tailor-made applications, meeting the customer needs
  • Stability and flawlessness guaranteed
  • Elasticity of system development when needed

Programmes for production and logistics

EXSO BPO – Product Management


  • Defining various types of indexes (i.e. materials, semi-products, products, services, etc.)
  • Defining the components tree with details on their acquisition (production, cooperation, purchase)
  • Alternative ways of acquisition
  • Defining complete production technologies (posts, times, resources)
  • Relation with construction documentation
  • Data input approval and verification procedures
  • Defining the sales product with optional equipment (substitutes, excluding options, required options, etc.)
  • Multicomponent calculation of costs of index acquisition (i.e. cost of material, workload, services, mark-ups)


  • Complete information on the product in one place
  • Elasticity in defining products
  • Control of developed definitions accuracy
  • Full information on production costs on each stage of production
  • Possibility to save and analyse alternative ways of product acquisition
  • Product life-cycle management
EXSO COM+ – Sales Possibility Management, Sales Funnel


  • Defining the funnel levels
  • Possibility to work with multiple funnels
  • Sales possibility registration
  • Marking the chance level
  • Change in levels monitoring
  • Management of authorisations to see chances of other sales reps
  • Smartphone friendly module


  • Professional service of new and potential clients of the company
  • A sales representatives work (and control) tool
  • Sales volume prognosis
  • Ability to work from your smartphone (when in field)
EXSO SAL – Sales orders


  • Outcome configuration with an accuracy control for chosen options
  • Price lists
  • Preparation of an offer for the client
  • Order registration
  • An offer/order confirmation print-out
  • Order realisation process monitoring
  • Sales reports


  • Simple and fast offer preparation
  • Possibility of offering according to various price lists
  • Full and precise information on accepted orders
  • Personalised offer/order print-out
  • Possibility to prepare sales analysis
EXSO SPL – Orders (Purchases)


  • Resource, componentry, and products
  • Cooperative orders (ordered production) with an indication of the intrusted material
  • Orders of services
  • Needs registration and realisation through orders
  • Realisation process control
  • Warehouse movements connection
  • Direct flow of orders to contractors


  • Simple and fast offer preparation
  • Full and precise information on accepted orders
  • Ordering process control
  • Personalised offer/order print-out
  • Automation in relation between orders and the warehouse
  • Possibility to prepare purchase analysis
EXSO PRD – Production orders


  • Production orders
  • A post working schedules (guides for work posts)
  • Production capabilities planning
  • Production kiosks
    • Work plan presentation for the post
    • Current information on conducted operations
    • An order working time registration for production staff
    • Exception control (failures, lacks, incongruences)
  • Analysis and reporting


  • Production process planning and control
  • Possibility to check the past, present, and future production on particular posts
  • Automated reporting of the realisation process
  • Production overload monitoring
  • Work efficacy control
EXSO PAS – Access control


  • Creating groups of people and possibility to delegate rights
  • RFID cards printing and allocation for the users
  • Access cards planning and allocation in a convenient calendar view
  • Allocation of access points
  • A terminal for the reception desk, presenting the registering person
  • System integration with the readers and electric strikes


  • Increased security through management and control of entry/exit on the plant’s grounds
  • Possibility to confirm the history of records
  • Possibility to use the entry/exit records in the work time register
EXSO COM – Contractors management


  • Data collection on contractors (clients, suppliers, institutions), including, among others, identification data, address data, trade conditions (purchasing and/or sales), marketing data
  • Contact history registering,
  • Reports


  • The contractors data stored in one clear database
  • Possibility to monitor all the contractors and cooperation conditions
  • Possibility to conduct analysis based on the contractors base
  • Possibility to generate correspondence
EXSO Dealer’s portal


  • Dealers’ access to the system
  • Advanced authorisation system (sup-accounts for the dealer’s employees)
  • Products and spare parts catalogues with a possibility to check the current prices and availability
  • Products configuration with an accuracy control of chosen options
  • Preparation of (final) offers for the clients
  • Ordering with respect to offered discounts
  • Order realisation process monitoring
  • Sales reports
  • Service orders realisation


  • Inclusion of sales representatives / dealers chains into the sales system
  • Always up-to-date information on the products and prices
  • Fast and precise contact with the sales chain
  • Offering process and order realisation control
  • Simplified contact when need to service
EXSO PRJ – Project management


  • Project data (name, responsibilities, deadlines, etc.)
  • Contractors’ data (client, dealer, partner, supplier, etc.)
  • Project (order) subject and its components
  • Product distribution schedule
  • Tasks and monitoring of their realisation
  • Task working time registration
  • Financial parameters of the project elements (sales value, budget, real cost, etc.)


  • Possibility to manage single project or a portfolio
  • Projects realisation monitoring with the participation of production and supplies
  • Planning and accounting for the tasks of the project team members
  • Project budget planning and control
EXSO PPL – Material needs planning


  • Information on current state of particular indexes
  • Information on planned changes in the future (based on the issued paperwork)
  • Balancing the current state, future needs, and restocking, as well as order requests
  • Calculation of the material needs, workflow, services for the allocated number of indexes


  • Possibility to predict how the state of the indexes will change in the future
  • Swift preventing the lacks
  • Control of overstock, what leads to lowering the costs of warehousing
  • Possibility to simulate the production needs
EXSO WMS – Warehouses


  • Warehouse documents (intakes, outtakes, movements)
  • Inventory allocation (on shelves) registry
  • Bar codes readings
  • Working with PCs or wireless terminals
  • Inventory rotation analysis
  • Reports


  • Faster work of the warehouse staff and elimination of mistakes through the usage of bar codes and mobile terminals
  • Optimisation of the warehouse space thanks to the control of the inventory placement (on shelves)
  • Monitoring where particular indexes are and how they rotate
  • Automation of movements related to other system modules (purchasing, production)

Dedicated ERP system

A dedicated ERP system is an effect of module configuration into one, coherent, elastic system supporting company and its resources management. The system may be configured, basing on multiple accessible modules or in a relationship with newly programmed modules that meet the Client’s requirements. The choice of elements for the ERP system is conducted in the cooperation with the Client and is an answer to a thorough analysis of the company’s state and needs.

Electronics and automation

We offer design and development services of industrial automation systems and informatics systems integration with external elements, such as readers, sensors, and operational elements. Within the area of our competencies, there is also design and development of automation systems, such as intelligent buildings, SCADA systems, and so forth. We have many years of experience in developing solutions for industrial electronics and automation for companies and entities from the agriculture-retail market.

Exso School

Exso School is our own programme for school resources control. Its main goal is to increase the security of school children and youths through a strict control of entrances and exits within the school. Thanks to that it helps to significantly increase the security of the school and everyone authorised to be on its grounds. Additional advantage of this programme is a simplified management of meals.

Exso School has been developed especially to meet the needs of schools and other educational organisations. It is intuitive and ready to be immediately implemented. The programme is an elastic system, which is why it is possible to adjust it to individual needs and requirements of any school.

Exso School consists of the following modules:

Entrance/Exit control module


  • Identification of parents and caregivers of the youngest
  • Self-printing of the user cards
  • Calendar with an ability to limit entrance to the school to given hours in chosen days of the week (weekends, holidays)
  • Integration with other systems in the school building
Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Increase in security level in the school building
  • Limit of entrances of unauthorised people
  • Limit of access to chosen school resources

Canteen Module


  • Identification of people who are authorised to receive a meal
  • A terminal in the canteen, informing whether the meal can be given out
  • Reports
Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Centralised, in order management of meals from the level of the secretary’s office
  • Information on the possibility to receive the meal, directly from the canteen
  • Control of the number of the given out meals

Support services

On each stage of cooperation, we offer our Clients the IT support and consulting on configuration, implementation, providing hardware and software setup, as well as server administration (Linux, Windows, Novell, others), work stations, and web devices. Within our support services, we also offer designing and building ICT networks, hosting services, and 24/7 remote support.



Exso a Business Cheetah (Gepard Biznesu) laureate 2016.

In the 11th edition of the competition organised by European Business Institute, our company was awarded with the Business Cheetah 2016. Since 2006, the European Business Institute has been conducting research on financial situation of companies in Poland and has been an organising body for The Business Cheetahs Congress. For the last 11 years, it has thoroughly analysed the financial performance of 70 thousand companies and a few houndread banks in Poland. In this year’s edition, the Institute examined the financial performance of 40 thousand Polish companies. The Business Cheetah 2016 title was awarded to the companies which market value increased of over 250 per cent. We are proud to belong to that group.

Are you creative and want to develop new solutions?

JAVA Programmer


  • Designing new apps and implementing change in the existing ones
  • Conducting analysis from the angle of possible IT solutions
  • Any programming work, including the work connected with development and modification of applications and programmes
  • Compilation, testing and bug removal in programmes
  • Designing and creation of report templates related to created or modified applications
  • Implementation of technological and operational requirements to the IT solutions


  • Very good command of object programming techniques
  • Experience in Java programming (J2EE, J2SE), including JSF, Hibernate
  • Experience in SVN version control system
  • Relative databases programming (MySQL)
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML


  • Working on innovative projects
  • Constant development of technical skills
  • Informal atmosphere in a team

If interested, send your application documents to: kadry@exso.pl.



  • Analysis, diagnostics, and problem solving related to given IT solutions
  • System users support
  • Participation in implementation projects of data IT solutions
  • Close cooperation with project teams
  • Business analysis
  • Preparation of technical, user, installation documentation; preparation and realisation of acceptance tests
  • Securing current support for the IT system users


  • Master’s degree or higher
  • Minimum 2 years of experience on similar post and/or participation in implementation projects
  • Communicative English to swiftly handle paperwork
  • Knowledge of basics of Microsoft Windows 7, 10 systems
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills, ability to build interpersonal relationships, confidence, independence, consequence and operative approach, entrepreneurial skills, target focused, creativity, openness, mobility
  • Additional qualifications: Driving Licence B


  • Work in creative environment, including work on ERP implementation project for a big production company
  • Necessary equipment (a laptop, mobile phone)
  • Defined timetable and one location
  • Attractive salary

If interested, send your application documents to: kadry@exso.pl.


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Machines and Devices Design

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