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Intelligent industry

Innovative projects

Intelligent software

Systems of the Future

We design and realize intelligent solutions within Industry 4.0. By combining the competencies from the range of programming and construction, we realize innovative projects.

Our team consists of experienced engineers, automation specialists, and programmers. By using our skills and experience, we create, together with our customer, systems of the future.

We direct our offer to Industry… (and beyond)

years on the market

We operate since January 2009, providing specialized engineering services in IT, automation, and machine design.


We have successfully realized over 50 large-scale projects for industry, services, and public institutions.


The solutions developed by us are implemented in many countries on almost every continent


Our systems are daily used by the majority of users

“Thanks to your installation, I am gaining 3 thousand dollars daily.”

a director of one of the leading breeders in Ukraine. Customer of one of our realized industrial installations for biomass burning.

“Your systems give us large flexibility and are intuitive at the same time.”

Marketing Director in a large group of machinery producers. About the machine configuration system in a dealers chain.

“The dryer of your design turned out to be a market hit!”

CEO of a large production company. About the grain dryer.


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IT & software delvelopment

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Machines and Devices Design

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Expert Solutions Sp. z o.o.

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tel.: +48 71 734 55 01
e-mail: biuro@exso.pl

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