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IT systems


Dedicated ERP System

We design, program, and implement ERP class dedicated systems, supporting the entity management and management of its resources.
We build the system based on pre-edited modules. Thanks to that, in the basic configuration, it may be provided very fast (within days or even hours).
The system architecture allows any adjustments of the modules to the customer’s needs, both in terms of layout (screens and printouts) as well as behavior.
As the system creators, we can freely modify it, according to the customer’s needs.

B2B Sales Platforms

We create and implement sales platforms, used in partner (dealer) chains. The system allows sales of the products which require a complex configuration, with retaining the preset rules of dependency between the components as well as advanced price and discount conditions. Moreover, the customers receive full information on the realization development and support in registration and servicing process.
The system allows monitoring the current information on sales and conducting multidimensional analysis of the realized transactions.

Tailor-made Applications

We design and implement advanced IT solutions, fit to individual needs of our customer. In our solutions, we use most frequently an our-design base system, EXSO CORE, thanks to which we are able to program new modules and apps that meet the customer’s needs, in a short period of time.

Embedded systems

We create specialized programs run on devices, such as microcontrollers, minicomputers, industrial drivers. Functionalities of those programs are descrived by the functions of the device they work in.

Those may be:

  • network appliances (i.e. router)
  • everyday appliances (i.e. TV set, router TV)
  • machine and appliance drivers
  • alarm systems
  • access control systems

Mobile applications

We create programs for mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, or wireless industrial terminals. Usually they operate with server systems, thanks to which a direct data exchange is sustained between the server and the mobile device. It allows have up-to-date data (read from the server) on one hand, and send the data from the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence Systems

We realize projects which use the mechanisms classified as artificial intelligence. Those are, among others:

  • expert systems
  • neural networks
  • cellular automata
  • genetic algorithms

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