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Machines and devices projects


Engineering analyses and calculations

Designing machines and devices usually starts with conducting analyses and necessary engineering calculations. Their goal is to precisely provide working conditions of the devices in design (i.e. temperature range, pressure planning, amount of oxygen, thermal and electric powers). Moreover, in the construction stage, we conduct necessary endurance calculations. For that, we use classic engineering calculations, and for confirmation and verification, we use Finite Element Method (FEM).

3D Modelling

While designing, we use CAD software to develop detailed appliance model in 3D modelling. Thanks to that, our customer is able to become familiar with all the detains of a designed component, freely manipulating it on the screen. On that stage, it is possible to modify the concept as well as introduce changes; until reaching the fullest satisfaction.

Executive documentation

For pre-developed 3D model, we develop also executive documentation in standard formats: pdf, dfx, step, igs. Such a prepared documentation is delivered in an electronic form; and in a hardcopy, if need be. It is a necessary element of component production order.

Preparation of production technology

Based on the construction documentation, we support our customers in preparing the production technology, including their production capabilities (machine park). Usually, such preparation of technology consists of:

  • defining the “technology tree”, that is dependencies between the final product, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and material parts (Bill of Materials, BOM)
  • indicating sample suppliers for purchasing materials
  • defining operational streams necessary for realizing each production stage, including work posts, times, etc.
  • indicating appropriate documentation (drawings) for each production stage
  • preparing programs for CNC machine tool
  • other guidelines significant in the production process

Assembly and exploitation documentation

To the machine, devices, and constructions developed by us, we deliver full additional documentation, such as:

  • assembly instructions
  • service instructions
  • spare parts index

All of the machines and devices are designed within the constraints of ISO/PN/ENdirectives, regulations, and norms

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