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Prototypes, research, and supervision


Own machines and devices realizations

Basing on the projects developed by us, we deliver prototype machines and devices. We run the entire realization process, including:

  • production of components (in cooperation)
  • assembly
  • acceleration

An example of such a realization is an installation of a biomass burning furnace (more in the Realizations Bookmark).

Conducting industrial research

We conduct industrial research of active machines and devices, as well as constructions, realized based on our or external projects. We conduct the research for pre-established physical parameters (i.e. temperature, humidity, flow, tension, etc.) in many-hour exploitation processes. We use our own instruments. As a research result, a report with conclusions and suggestions is created.

Project supervision services

We provide project supervision services for the realization of the projects developed by us. Supervision includes:

  • sub-assemblies manufacturing supervision
  • assembly (on the object) supervision
  • presence at the activation stage (machines and devices)

Thanks to the supervision, the customers have a guarantee of a proper realization.
Within the project supervision, a project validation may be conducted or research aimed to present improvement propositions.

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